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Changes... coming soon...

I have been working like crazy for the past few days! This month has been super busy! But I am seeing my months ahead get busier! And good kind of busier!

There will be a few changes here at 13 Woodhouse Road!

First, there will be a whole new site! Yay!
I finally succumbed and am building a store + website on Shopify
I'm super excited to put it all together. Last year, I designed my other website - Now I am combining both of these and putting them together on Shopify. If you click on any of those sites, you will land on the same page.
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There will be a store section where you have the option to buy my quilts, some PDF patterns (right now I have 3, but more will come - I promise), some online classes (videos too!!!!) and some FREEBIES!
All my tutorials will be put together in one place. PLUS, I will have a Basics of Quilting series on YouTube!
Now, are you excited?
There's more!

I have recently started trai…

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