Bella Parade 2015: Day #24

12:04 AM

Welcome to the last week week of the Bella Parade
 Day #24 is here!
For this day, we have this lovely Bella Solid with an Aurifil to match! How cool is that!

And here are your three hints to guess the name of the colour .
1. My name is in two parts. First part is a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. It is a way of being.
2. Second part is a colour which you get if you mix equal parts of black and white 
3. Fill in the blanks below to guess my name 
Z _ N        G _ _ Y
Now lets see some solids that I would pair with this!!

Monochromes to pair it with, would be the lovely Etching Slate (#170) and Aurifil Stainless Steel (#2620)

A complementing colour would be  Lemon(#131) with Aurifil  Medium Butter (#2130)

A creative combination would be Bright Sky(#115) with Aurifil  Medium Teal (#1320)

Some fabric to go with this

Some modern quilts


And now, some social media flutter ...
Guess the colour above and leave a comment below in this blogpost with the name. Don't worry, if your comment doesn't appear immediately. I will moderate the comments so my smart friends don't peep the answer from earlier ones :)
For unlimited additional chances of winning, you can share a photo which has the "Color of the Day" on any of the social media - Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Don't forget to use the hashtag #BellaParade
And remember, more the merrier so go spread the word!
Its open to all international participants around the world!!

All prizes will be shipped at the end of the event (so that if you win multiples, we can ship it all together)

To be eligible for the prize shown below, you have to participate  at least once throughout the Contest period.

This is the last week and you could be eligible for this HUGE prize!
A HALF YARD bundle of Bella Parade Solids and 100 spools of Aurifil!!! (4 different weights of all 25 colors!!!)

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