Not enjoying it!

7:41 PM

My Bernette came back after 3 weeks of waiting... Only to Jam up again!!!

I dont know whats wrong this time... She was sewing okay (not wonderful/great like she used to) and I broke a needle... I replaced it, but now it does not go down through the hole!!! This can only happen if the needle breaking can cause the approx 5-6 mm steel bar to develop a bend! (I swear i was not using a hammer anywher nearby) or somehow the machine has managed to move its assembly by a few milimeters!! Yeah, the needle is coming down at a point about 2 mm from where it should some down! 

Bernina is a great company. And their rep here Mr Gupta is a wonderful person... He's been very much helpful throughout the process... But I just cannot afford to be machine-less for another 3 weeks!

Sewing on my Bernette is loosing its charm now... And its getting more and more fustrating... I have a load of projects that need my attention... But its not fun anymore... Its started looking like work!!!

I think I should take a break for a while from sewing... What else can I work on meanwhile??? Any suggestions??? I'd love to try some different things... 

P.s. please dont suggest that I can try my hand at cooking... I'm a wreck there... and dont attempt it untill the last possible moment... I have a cook who does it for me EVERYDAY!

Meanwhile dont forget to sign up for my Giveaway. The signups close exactly 24 hours from now...

meanwhile let me show you what I managed to complete before my Bernette decided to play games with me...

These are the blocks I've made for my 3 x 6 Sampler Quilt Mini Bee...

Amber wanted Blue & Yellow

Tiffany wanted Blue + Green + Yellow

Marlynn wanted Black + Red + White

Kelly wanted Blue + Gray + Yellow

Amy wanted Blue + Brown + Green

And Barbara wanted Pink + Purple + Red

Keeping my fingers crossed that they'll like it...

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