Requirements @ home!

8:03 PM

I just decided to go through my house today, since I do not have a machine right now, and take a look at what I can make for my house and myself!

I didn't believe it, but here's the list...

1. Table Quilt for a corner in Dining Room : 15" x 29"

2. Table Cloth (36 1/2" x 60") + Table Mats + Table Runners (2 sets)

3. A photo wall for my family room

4. Quilt on Kitchen Door : 12" x 24"

5. Quilt near Kitchen Platform (2 Nos): 95" x 22"

6. Throw Quilt for Computer Chair : 90" x 20"

7. Living Room : Wall Quilt : 60" x 24"

8. Bedroom : Floor Quilt : 48" x 72"

9. Mini Quilts for Sewing room : 4-5 Nos

10. Wall Quilt for Bedroom : 48" x 24"

Any idea how and where I should start??? And just to keep a snap in the post, here's my living room... 

I did the wall painting myself... It is Warli painting a traditional art of India... I also made those stools from clothing scraps...

The floor quilt is made from a traditional saree... Its beautiful and deserves a special post.

On the opposite wall i have a few lanterns with flickering bulbs inside to make them look like flames.

The seat is inherited from my husband's maternal grandmother. Its my favorite piece of furniture. and the antique table is also from her, except that it was used by her husband to play cards with his friends. It displays a lot of brass antiques that we both have inherited from our respective families. (Both of us had loved these pieces and cherished them even before our marriage.)

On the small balcony outside I have made shelves for my small garden from old ladders and wooden shutters.

It took us nearly 6 months to convert this terrace to this living room. But it was all worth the effort. What do you say?

Btw, I was thinking of introducing the Saree Floor Quilts in my Etsy shop. Do you like the idea? More about the quilt later.

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