My Shop is Live!!!

10:29 PM

As promised, me Etsy shop is live today... Since I am out of station and will be till 7th of Jan, (didn't I tell you DH was unpredictable!), I could not update all my items. But I sure did update a few items to get the balls rolling... Here is the link to my shop... Also called 13 Woodhouse Road...

What more... I am celebrating my Birthday today... So enter the coupon code BIRTHDAY10 to get a 10% discount on your orders!

I am celebrating the second half of my Birthday with my Parents... We were supposed to go back home after DH's friend's engagement party... And remember I had packed only one saree! Now here I am in Satara with 5 functions to attend and only one saree to wear!!! LOL... Thank God that I and my Mom share the same blouse sizes and I can use her clothes!!!

More about my trip later... Right now just hop over to my shop... I'd love to get feedback from you guys... After all you have been a witness to my journey from a professional Architect to a WAHM mom!!!


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Thank you for your comments... I try to reply to all of them personally, but sometimes life is just too fast to do that... But I love hearing from you...