Christmas and New Year!!!

7:27 AM

We do not celebrate Christmas here, but this year it was special...

My friend was out of station for a reunion and her daughter came over to spend the day with us! We decided to bake a cake! I mean, the kids did everything, I just helped them...

And here's our very special Christmas Cake!!!

New year brings a lot of aspirations to my mind... I haven't really made that many new year resolutions and I dont think I have stuck to even one of them... But this year I have made 6 R's for the 3 H's...

Confusing is it?

First let me tell you what the 3 H's are

First is Home! Of course!!!

Second - Health! I really feel I need to look after it...

And the third is Hobby (well, only because Passion does not start with an H ;))

So what are the 6 R's - 6 Rules for each of them in the new year!!!

So here are my 6 R's for the 3 H's


1. Make bed the moment it is empty! I have already started working on that one!

image source

2. Do at least one load of laundry per day! So that you do not have to tackle a whole mountain of it!

image source

3. Clean clutter around the PC every time you get up! So that you have space to work!

image source

4. Put out fresh towels EVERY night before you sleep! I love the smell of fresh towels, so why not make it a rule so that you enjoy it!

image source

5. Clean Kitchen Sink and Wash Basins before you sleep! So that you wake up to a clean sink! Try it, it really makes your day!

image source

6. Learn 2 new recipes to cook every month! That'll make me a better cook and will keep DH happy too!

image source


1. Brush twice a day. I must confess, I'm really bad at brushing my teeth at night... I usually remember it after I'm in bed, and then I hate dragging myself to the basin to do it...

image source

2. Exercise for 40 mins a day - minimum. That'll help me loose some weight. For weekends - go for long walks...

image source

3. Do not eat oil except on weekends. You can translate that you stick to the diet plan you've made!

image source

4. Wake up at 6, Sleep at 10!  Get your beauty sleep, baby!

image source

5. Drink 10 glasses of water a day!  I do need to remind myself about that!

image source

6. The sixth one, I'd rather keep to myself.

image source


1. Make a to-do list for every month (by the 26th of the previous month) and every week (by Friday) and strike off everything at least in 1.5 weeks! My effort at getting organized.

image source

2. Make a minimum of 3 quilts a month. Increasing my productivity.

3. Make at least 1 small object every week. Again, increasing productivity.

4. Dedicate 2.5 hrs to sewing every day. I cannot do #2 and #3 if I do not do this.

image source

5. Dedicate 1.5 hrs to internet everyday. I cannot neglect you guys either, can I?

image source

6. Host one blog event every quarter... In the first quarter it is the ABC of Quilting... For the next I have a quilt-along planned! :)


There it is... A set of 18 rules for myself... Let us see how I do with it...

Wish me luck!!!

And wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year!!!

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