Oh Fransson Fridays - Finally on Wednesday

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I managed to upload my pictures!!! But now the original post that I wrote is gone! Wow! Why does blogger hate me?

So here's the First Oh, Fransson! Friday!!!

Oh, Fransson! Fridays!!!

For December

I chose to make the Kitchen Windows quilt from Elizabeth's book - A Practical Guide to Patchwork.

Her quilt is awesome! You just cannot match that!!! I wont even try that...

But I know mine is also good

Here... have a look...

I made it using 9 blocks to make it a square quilt for a toddler! 

It came out wow! 

I used the fabric from the leftover layer squares from A stitch in color by Malka Dubrawsky. I am totally in love with that fabric... Its like you fall in love only once in your lifetime and that happened 4 times with me... First DH, then DS, then Elizabeth and now Malka!!!

For the backing, I have used one of the Kalamkari fabrics that I got from my recent Baroda trip!!! Its so soft!!! 

Do you like it?

It is not perfect in any way!!! There are imperfections, but I enjoyed making it...

Just for fun, see both my Malka Dubrawsky quilts together! What a difference the neutral that you choose to use in a quilt can make!!!

So, what did you make this month? 

Link up if you have made... I'd love to hop by and see...


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