8:19 AM

Jyo, Me and Kshama!!!


My Cutie Pie!!!

Soham(kiddo), Ashwin, Me, Kshama, Kau & Ashutosh

Me & Kiddo...

Sis & Me

Brothers and Sisters...

Kiddo Chilling!!!

Me in an eco-friendly buggy!!!

Leaving Leela - Its one of the BEST hotels...

On a ferry with the cars...

I even did Karaoke!!! I have full sympathy for Holly (P.S. I Love You!!!)

Thats me again!!! I love my new skirt!!!

And my new haircut too!!!

Thats all of ME @ Goa!!!

You guys have 24 hrs to enter the giveaways... So hurry up...

and like someone just taught me (;))


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