Aurifil Block of the Month - July - Shruti Dandekar (Me!!!!)

6:14 AM

Hiya there!!!

Its my turn on the color wheel!!! And I am super excited. Especially since my color is my favorite - actually my brand color - Orange!!!

Head over to Auribuzz to read my interview and also to download my fun pattern!

I have used the same Reverse Applique technique that has been used to make numerous quilts!!!

The first time I used it to make a pillow.

Then I tried it to make my Harry Potter Quilt

And then, I used it for portraits!!!

First was the iQuilt for my little brother

After that I wrote my eBook. ABOUT face! That will teach you step by step how to use it to make a portrait quilt! You can buy it in my craftsy store.

I made a portrait of Alex Veronelli for my book! We met up at QuiltCon 2015 where I gifted it to him!!! 

Since then I have made numerous more. Some for myself, like my self portrait. 

It is a very versatile technique and I have been thinking of expanding it to many more designs... Let us see where it leads me to!!!


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